Modern  life. There must be something wrong when young people are in  danger  of  committing  suicide,  middle-aged  people  are  often  in crisis  and  older  people  are  so  often  isolated  and  depressed.  Yes, doctors have tablets  for  all  these  situations  but  there  must  be.

something wrong when these situations can exist. What's the problem and how can it be remedied?
The motto here is that even  if the situation can only be gradually altered, your  thought pattern  in  relation to your  life  can be  changed. Intend  to  change  your  life  from  the bottom upwards. Start  small but
always  think  big. The  journey  of  a  thousand miles  started with  one small step.

Allow yourself to plan another hour of sleep a night. You mightn't think this is possible but it is. Try putting the children to sleep just half an hour earlier. Then you need your breathing space. But does this have  to be mindlessly  in front of  the  television or can  it be  in bed? You need to do extra office work at home – but couldn't you work  towards  a  little  extra  sleep  instead? By  organizing  yourself better at the office with an aim of doing less work at home,  it will make  the  later  evening  a  time  of peace.  In  a busy lifestyle, sleep has become  less  and  less.  It  seems now be  a  feeling  of  luxury  to allow  yourself  more  sleep,  rather  than  necessity.  But  know  that sleep  relaxes  and  renews  energy  levels.  It  reconnects  your  body back  to  your  source, which  is Me.  It's  a  necessity  for  your well-being to have more rather than less.

Use your other form of relaxation beside sleep, that of meditation. Focus  on  relaxing  your  body,  stilling  your  mind  for  five  to  ten minutes during the day, at night or in a morning. This can be done anywhere – on the bus,  train or  ferry, at work  for a  few minutes, while watching television with the sound down. Use the techniques in this book to relax your body while thinking of the most tranquil and peaceful scenes you remember from your  life. Focus on  these whenever you can  throughout your day and by doing  this you are allowing your life to change.

Use My body wisely. Remember who  you  are  and  that you  have free choice. There's no longer any need to live in fear. Realise you can  take  responsibility  and  make  the  choices  you  need  for  a peaceful life today.

Don't  pollute My  body. Rather  than  constantly  poison  it,  love  it. Take steps toward a healthier and consequently happier lifestyle.

Know  that with  every  thought of peace on your part, you make a contribution towards peace in the world. Your world and the wider world can change if enough people choose this to happen.

Choose to renew and revitalize yourself today and reap the rewards individually and collectively.

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